A Public-Private Partnership Approach to Expand VMMC Uptake in Khomas Region, Namibia

AIDSFree had a network of 32 private health facilities in Windhoek. These facilities were providing VMMC services only to clients with health insurance or those who could afford to pay out of pocket. To increase VMMC coverage in Windhoek, AIDSFree partnered with the Khomas VMMC regional team to pilot and introduce free VMMC services for uninsured males at private health facilities. The free services were introduced in October 2016 and are funded by USAID. A service-level agreement was reached to reimburse facilities for the provision of the VMMC service package. Additionally, the facilities were supported with disposable kits, recordkeeping, and reporting. Finally, the Khomas regional VMMC team and AIDSFree undertook joint demand creation activities to encourage clients to access services. Between October 2016 and September 2017, Khomas Region conducted 8,846 circumcisions; of these, 81% (7,172) were in private sector facilities.