4. Registration, Group Education, and Client Communication

Challenge Actions CQI Teams Took to Address the Challenge
Clients' data incomplete and inaccurate
  • Hold a team meeting and orient all staff on proper documentation of client details, including recording client data in the register and giving the client a serial identification number
No register/record for group education
  • Improvise with a counter book to introduce a register to capture all clients who come for VMMC services. In this book record the client’s names, address, sex, age, and other details as required by the team. Leave a column for comments/remarks.
No client VMMC forms
  • Contact the IP and district for the missing forms
  • Keep track of the available stock of forms, and order more before running out of stock
Clients not registered and client forms not completed before clients enter the procedure room
  • Identify a person from the VMMC team and give them the task of carrying out client registration
  • Identify a registration point and include it in the client flowchart
Lack of take-home information, education, and communication (IEC) materials for clients
  • Identify all the IEC materials required for clients and partners
  • Determine amounts required per month and request for them from the district health office or IP
Group education not being done
  • Generate a list of talking points for group education
  • Acquire all the job aids required for the session
  • Identify a specific person(s) to conduct the session
  • Have a plan for clients who arrive after the main session has ended/started to ensure they receive the same information as individuals who attended the session
Inadequate information given to clients during group education
  • Generate a list of talking points from the standards tool and make it a checklist
  • Ensure all counselors use the checklist
No separation of clients according to age groups
  • At registration, separate clients according to age
  • Ensure there is a competent counsellor to provide information to the adults and to the minors
Not using appropriate group education techniqus
  • Convene a meeting for all service providers and get an experienced counsellor or health educator to orient all staff on how to conduct group education.
  • Review the guidance given in the assessment tool as a team to have a common understanding. If need be, seek support from the IP and district.
Clients not encouraged or allowed to bring female partners or mothers to group education sessions
  • Ensure staff and clients are aware if female partners, mothers, caregivers are welcome at all group education sessions or not
  • Ensure female involvement is discussed at all group education sessions and IEC efforts


This In-service Communication Best Practices Guide was developed by the Communications Sub-group of the PEPFAR VMMC Technical Work Group to present, in a user-friendly format, the minimum essential in-service communication and counseling content across the VMMC service continuum, based on recent evidence updates and changes in VMMC programming and policies.


The document provides recommendations from the USAID ASSIST Project in South Africa for addressing challenges that are commonly experienced in VMMC programs.