Transitioning of Care & Other Services for Adolescents Living with HIV Toolkit Module 1

Module 1: Summary

HCP/CCP Tools:

  • Stages of Psychosocial Development Tool (Tool 1.1.1)
    This tool aids to assess the adolescent’s developmental stage. An additional table is provided to document and track psychosocial development over time.
  • Self-Management Timeline (Tool 1.1.2)
    This may be used as a resource to determine expected behavior for the adolescent to take on self-management responsibility.
  • Psychosocial Assessment Tool for the Interview with the Family/Caregiver (Tool 1.1.3)
    This tool may be used to assess the living situation through interviewing the adolescent and their family/caregiver together
  • Psychosocial Assessment Tool for the Interview with the Adolescent (Tool 1.1.4)
    This tool may be used assess the current psychosocial status through a private interview.

Adolescent Tools:

  • My Psychosocial Development Journal (Tool 1.3.5)
    This journal may be given to the adolescent to help him or her identify strengths and explore challenges.