Transitioning of Care & Other Services for Adolescents Living with HIV Toolkit Module 4

Module 4: Protection
Module 4: Protection (ZIP, 532.57 KB)

Module 4: Summary


  • Protective Services Checklist (Tool 4.1.1)
    This allows the HCP to ensure a range of protective services are available in the community. Use in conjunction with the tools found in Module 10: Linking Health Facilities and Community Programs.
  • Gender-Based Violence & Abuse Screening Tool for the Adolescent Interview (Tool 4.1.2)
    This allows the health provider to screen for abuse and GBV.

Adolescent Tools

  • My Safety Journal (Tool 4.3.3)
    This journal can be provided to the adolescent to allow him or her to process experiences around abuse and prepare for articulating the experience to providers.