Transitioning of Care & Other Services for Adolescents Living with HIV Toolkit Module 5

Module 5: Summary


  • The Substance Abuse Symptom Screener (Tool 5.1.1)
    This tool can help to assess for alcohol and substance abuse. This will help you determine if the adolescent is at risk for has alcohol and substance use issues.
  • Alcohol & Substance Use Counseling Guide for Health Care Providers (Tool 5.1.2)
    This tool can help the provider talk to the adolescent about alcohol use and other substances.

Family/Caregiver Tools

  • Discussion Guide: Alcohol & Substance Use (Tool 5.2.3)
    This tool can guide families/caregivers in how to talk to their adolescent about alcohol and substance use.

Adolescent Tools

  • My Alcohol & Substance Use Journal (Tool 5.3.4)
    This tool should be utilized by the adolescent to explore his or her own thoughts around alcohol and substance use. The adolescent should be told this is for private journaling, and the adolescent can share it with others only if he or she wants to.