Transitioning of Care & Other Services for Adolescents Living with HIV Toolkit Module 7

Module 7: Summary


  • A Grief Assessment Discussion Guide (Tool 7.1.1)
    This provides open-ended questions allowing the HCP/CCP to routinely monitor the adolescent’s grieving symptoms over time.
  • A Guide to Counseling (Tool 7.1.2)
    This allows the HCP/CCP to review effective counseling techniques and outlines behaviors and language to avoid.

Family/Caregiver Tools

  • Helping Your Adolescent to Grieve (Tool 7.2.3)
    This tip sheet should be provided the family/caregiver to aid them in supporting the adolescent as he or she experiences the grieving process.
  • A Guided Memory Book (Tool 7.2.4)
    This tool can be utilized by the ill family member to provide his or her loved ones with information about his or her life and family prior to passing. Provide a memory book for each ill family member or encourage them to utilize it collectively

Adolescent Tools

  • My Grief Journal (Tool 7.3.5)
    This guided journal can be provided to the adolescent who is experiencing a loss as a means to express his or her grief.