Transitioning of Care & Other Services for Adolescents Living with HIV Toolkit Module 9

Module 9: Positive Living
Module 9: Positive Living (ZIP, 10.1 MB)

Module 9: Summary


  • Tips for Adolescent Motivational Interviewing (Tool 9.1.1)
    This tip sheet should be used by the HCP/CCP when trying to facilitate positive change with the adolescent.
  • The Readiness to Change Ruler (Tool 9.1.2)
    This assessment helps to determine the adolescent’s readiness to change a specific behavior
  • HIV Knowledge Assessment (Tool 9.1.3)
    This quiz can test the adolescent’s HIV knowledge and also be used as a teaching tool to review important information prior to transition. The answer key can be found on the following page.

Family/Caregiver Tools

  • Positive Living Tips (Tool 9.2.4)
    This tip sheet provides information for the family/caregiver on assisting the adolescent in living positively
  • Self-Care Guide (Tool 9.2.5)
    Provide this tool to the family/caregiver to discuss strategies to maintain their own well-being.
  • Food for Health: Nutrition Tips (Tool 9.2.6)
    Provide this tool to the family/caregiver to encourage nutritious eating at home.

Adolescent Tools

  • Food for Health: Nutrition Tips (Tool 9.3.7)
    Provide this tool to the adolescent to supplement health education for improved nutrition.
  • Stigma Action Plan (Tool 9.3.8)
    Share this stigma action plan with the adolescent to identify sources of stigma, and to create action plans to address stigma
  • HIV Peer Support Groups (Tool 9.3.9)
    This tool provides information to the adolescent on the benefits of joining or starting an HIV peer support group
  • My Positive Living Journal (Tool 9.3.10)
    This comprehensive guided journal and workbook should be distributed to the adolescent to encourage positive living.