Point-of-Care EID: At What Price? Cost Considerations for Integrating POC EID into National Diagnostic Networks

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EGPAF, Unitaid, 2017.

A consortium working across more than 13 African countries to improve the market for point-of-care early infant diagnosis (POC EID) technologies is collaborating to facilitate long-term price reductions in POC EID and increase access. These organizations are working with The Global Fund to leverage their volumes and harmonize contracts and ensure that The Global Fund grantees will be able to procure these technologies under the same negotiated terms through a most favored customer clause. This EGPAF issue brief provides a comparison between the advertised prices, total cost of ownership, and cost of goods analysis for POC EID cartridges as well as an analysis of the service and maintenance provisions of the two current quality-assurance systems for POC EID with suggested areas to improve access.