VMMC Online Training Hub

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What is the VMMC Online Training Hub?

The VMMC Online Training Hub (OTH) is an eLearning platform that provides classes, resources, and communities of practice to help clinicians advance their skills and knowledge around performing voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). The OTH will be used to cover the didactic, theoretical VMMC information currently learned through in-person workshops. Learners will complete and pass this online course before proceeding on to their in-person clinical practicum.

Download the OTH Brochure [PDF, 445KB].

Download the OTH Update, April 2019 [PDF, 2.6MB].

Download the OTH Update, November 2018 [PDF, 2,730KB]. 

Download the OTH Update, October 2017 [PDF, 1,714KB].

VMMC OTH Features

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Take training anywhere, anytime
Learners can use multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, or desktops to take OTH classes. They can also download the classes to read offline when internet access is not available

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Learn by doing
This VMMC online training course provides information through interactive online classes that feature animations, multimedia elements, quizzes, and links to supplemental resources, linked with extensive hands-on experience through in-person surgical training.

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Engage with a community
Learners can connect and collaborate with fellow learners, course moderators, and others in their field through Connect, the site's social collaboration section.

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Frequently asked questions
Learners can use the FAQ section of the site to easily find answers to the most common questions on how to use the site.

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Resource Library
The Resource Library contains up-to-date VMMC publications, reports, journal articles, videos, and more, and can be supplemented with country-specific documents, as desired.

Who should register for this training?
Health care workers including nurses, clinical officers, physicians, and counselors providing VMMC services or those being considered for training as VMMC providers should register. Also, site managers, program coordinators & managers, and donor agency technical staff who want to refresh their knowledge of VMMC can register. The OTH course is not intended for the general public.

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How to register?
To enquire about registering for the OTH course, please contact: Yazabantu Soldati at or Zebedee Mwandi at

For questions about the course, email