Rolling Out Continuous Quality Improvement in VMMC: Lessons Learned from the USAID ASSIST Pilot Projects in Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, & Tanzania

On July 7, 2015, the USAID ASSIST Project hosted a webinar on the experiences and lessons learned from the USAID ASSIST Pilot Projects in Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, and Tanzania. 

Improving the Quality of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision through Use of the Continuous Quality Improvement Approach: A Pilot in 30 PEPFAR-Supported Sites in Uganda

Since 2010, Uganda's Ministry of Health (MOH) has implemented voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) as part of its HIV prevention strategy, with support from PEPFAR and its partners. In 2012, two PEPFAR-led external quality assessments found serious performance gaps in minimum VMMC quality standards in several sites. In response, PEPFAR asked the USAID ASSIST Project to support the MOH and implementing partners to improve quality and safety in VMMC services and to build capacity of MOH staff to continuously improve VMMC service quality. This article describes ASSIST's initial work with 30 sites across Uganda.

Uganda Guide to Improving VMMC: Excerpt on Reducing Adverse Events

Front page of document. Download for atl text

This excerpt from the Guide to Improving the Quality of Safe Male Circumcision in Uganda describes the successful changes tested by CQI teams to reduce rates of moderate and severe adverse events.





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